Knud V. Engelhardt

We greatly respect the Danish architect and designer Knud V. Engelhardt (1882-1931). His iconic circular house numbers and the three distinctive, almost elliptical name plates (those bearing a small red heart placed discreetly at the bottom), was the cornerstone of a signage concept Knud V. Engelhardt developed and delivered in 1927 to the Municipality of Gentofte, north of Copenhagen.


Circular house number sign

Knud V. Engelhardt is by many (and rightly so!) regarded as Denmark’s first industrial designer. His work stands today as a testimony to his great graphic skills and attention to detail. Knud V. Engelhardt was deeply committed to improving the design used in everyday life. Ergonomics played a vital role. This was notably before the term “ergonomics” was invented.

The Danish graphics grand old man, Erik Ellegaard Frederiksen, writes about Knud V. Engelhardt: “To him, things were under development until they had found a definitive solution, that was both functional and aesthetic at the same time. In the view of future generations aesthetics can change to some degree. But the notion of function will not. Herein lies his originality, and it seems so much greater, because his peers were not thinking along these lines.”

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