The original technique for texting enamel signs is labor intensive but still delivers the most brilliant results.

If you are looking for signs for your home that are beautiful and durable you need to consider a hand stenciled enamel sign. You may have seen imitation enamel signs available in different shops and wonder what the difference is between a hand-enameled sign and a knock off and whether the increased cost is worthwhile.

Hand stenciling is a technique that has been used to create custom designs using a variety of different materials. It has been used for more than 2000 years as a way to decorate many different items. With enamel signs, the traditional choice is to use a porcelain surface that is enameled onto a metal backing. Using a porcelain enamel coating is good because it can withstand the weather without losing any of the brilliant colors or clarity and will last for many years.

The process can be quite labor intensive but the result is beautiful. With a hand stenciled sign, regardless of whether it is a name plaque or a set of house numbers, the design is built layer after layer. Each layer is stenciled out by hand and then enamels are applied to the surface of the sign. Each layer is then burned at a temperature of approximately 800 degrees Celsius. This creates a surface which is very durable and vibrant in color.

The color of the enamels can be affected by factors such as the time it is fired for, what the humidity in the air is and what temperature it is being fired at. Once the layers have been added and fired one at a time the sign is allowed to cool and the colors of the enamel are allowed to shine through. The surface becomes extremely hardy, and the layers of glossy enamel make these signs pop so that they command the attention of anyone passing by.

Although hand stenciling used to be very common and was used in factories throughout Europe it slowly fell out of favor. This is because creating beautiful designs takes a high level of skill and experience and that is becoming much more difficult to find in today’s world.

This technique can be used to create a number of different signs for homes and businesses. Hand stenciling can be used to create custom name plaques, house numbers and enamel signs. Some of the most popular include the classic blue and white signs that are often referred to as “French house numbers”.

If you want to add a touch of class to your home you need to consider adding a stylish feature such as an enameled sign. The skill that is used to create them will elevate your home and demonstrate the pride of ownership that you have been trying to display.

Although traditional hand stenciled signs can be difficult to find, one manufacturer is still producing hand enameled signs and house numbers following traditional methods. Ramsign is a company which prides itself on supplying clients with beautiful and durable enamel signs that will remain beautiful year after year.